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Weir's Dojang

Weir's Dojang is a private training facility designed to teach all aspects of Hapkido, personal protection, and the ability to protect others. 

Through the study of Hapkido we learn to carry ourselves in a way where we will never be victims. We find balance through the training of mind, body, and sprit that carries through to every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

Weir's Dojang is committed to providing the best training and learning experience through small group and private lessons.

Weight Lifting

The Body

Through physical training we are able to shape the body and harden it. We use a combination of cardio, weigh training, and conditioning to work the body and strengthen it.

By strengthening the body, we can focus our minds.

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Space is Limited

Due to high demand we have very limited space. All classes are small groups to ensure the best instruction. 

Private Classes are available 

220 King St, Franklin, MA 02038, USA

(508) 735-8286

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